Yamaha 20-Series 3-Piece C-Soprano Recorder (Blue)

About this item

  • Identical specifications and fingering that makes our YRS 20BB the most popular school recorder

  • Three piece construction allows for easy tuning

  • This plastic is very durable for the beginning recorder player without sacrificing tone

  • Dishwasher safe facilitates easy cleaning, especially when broken into the three pieces

  • Color: Blue

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Product Description




Product Description

Music can be fun! The translucent, candy-colored Yamaha rainbow recorders are Real instruments, not toys. They are made from the same ABS resin materials as regular Yamaha recorders, and offer the same superior tuning, The same beautiful tone, and the same great durability. They play effortlessly with a rich, full sound, and with their colorful look They make even routine practice fun! .

From the Manufacturer

Yamaha 20 Series recorders are designed to provide a perfect start to anyone’s musical education. They offer an ideal amount of air resistance for easy control and feature an accuracy of intonation you would expect to find only on more expensive models. Though other makers’ plastic recorders may have a similar appearance, Yamaha ABS recorders are truly superior instruments. The 20 Series, easy to play throughout their ranges, are primarily intended for beginners.

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