Petmate FATCAT Big Mama’s Scratchy Box Cardboard Cat Scratcher, Catnip Toy Included

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  • Cardboard Cat Scratcher: This scratchy box is the perfect outlet for cat claws & encourages scratching to help reduce scratching of furniture & carpets. The box has a reversible design for long-lasting use.

  • Scratcher With Catnip: The scratching pad includes organic catnip, tassels & a catnip infused cat toy designed to increase kitten attention & play time. Box is made of 100% recycled paper.

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Product Description

Petmate’s FATCAT Big Mama’s Scratchy Box works as a cat scratch deterrent, providing a fun place for cats to satisfy their scratching needs while also saving your furniture. Featuring Zoom Around the Room catnip, the cat scratch box attracts your cat to the box for hours of stimulating play. The attached corner tassels of the cat scratcher toy provide extra entertainment for cats when scratching. As an added bonus, the included Catnip Cat Toy provides cats with an additional playtime outlet . The box’s 100% recyclable cardboard material is reversible for double the fun.

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