Penn-Plax QN2 Quick Net for Fish ? 2? x 1.75? | Strong and Durable | Safely and Easily Move Small Fish and Decorations and Keep your Aquarium Clean ( color may vary)

About this item

  • STRONG MATERIALS: made of high quality materials, this Quick Net won?t bend or become distorted in any way.

  • DURABLE AND SAFE: made of exclusive Quick Mesh Netting, this fish net provides reliable and safe operation.

  • DIMENSIONS: the net portion of this fish net is 2? x 1.75?.

  • MANY AVAILABLE SIZES: available both smaller and larger, Penn Plax nets are the perfect choice for your Aquarium maintenance needs.

  • COLOR MAY VARY: Please be advised that the QN2 2″ fish net comes in various shades of blue and green. We will ship based on availability, but it’s a net… your fish won’t know the difference.

  • SHOP PENN PLAX: Penn Plax has supplies for all your aquatic needs, as well as items for reptiles, birds, small animals, cats, dogs, and more.

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Product Description

The Penn Plax Quick Nets are made from high quality, ultra-reliable materials. Constructed from exclusive Quick Mesh Netting, each net is strong, durable, and safe. Features a two piece vinyl semi-covered braided handle, the net provides reliable operation without bending or distorting in any way. Penn Plax has a wide variety of sizes of nets for all your aquatic needs.
Please note: The color may vary – we currently sell ble and green nets, and yours will be based on current availability.
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