M-Audio SP-1 | Sustain Foot Pedal or FS controller for Synthesizers, Tone Modules, and Drum Machines

  • Compact and sturdy sustain pedal for use with any electronic keyboard

  • Designed for synthesizers, tone modules, and drum machines

  • Ideal for applications that require non-latching momentary switches

  • Plugs into 1/4-inch keyboard input; includes 5-foot cable

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Product Description


Before you buy a pedal, ask yourself this: do I know the polarity of my piano? You’re probably thinking something like, “Yeah, sure I do ? it’s filed in my brain right between my social security number and my bank PIN.” But seriously, this is important. Now, you could run off in search of your manual, or you could do yourself a favor and just buy an M-Audio SP-1 Sustain Pedal in the first place and save yourself the trouble. The SP-1 Sustain Pedal has a switchable polarity, so it will work with both your Yamaha and your Roland synth ? no problem.

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