Grizzly Salmon Plus Omega Fatty Acids Food Supplement for Dogs & Cats (Various Sizes) – Wild-Sourced Salmon Oil, Omega 3-6-9, Made in USA

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  • UPDATED LABEL, IMPROVED FORMULA. Increased levels of EPA, maintained levels of DHA, and lower levels of Omega-6s. OMEGAS derived exclusively from Alaskan Wild-Caught Fish: Wild Salmon, Wild Pollock, and Wild Whitefish.

  • ABUNDANCE OF OMEGA 3 MAKES EVERY MEAL TASTY and COMPLETE. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil contains the highest levels of Omega 3 content. It takes up to 40 percent more farmed salmon oil to achieve the same results as Grizzly Salmon Plus.

  • NOURISH THE ENTIRE BODY. Helps Support Immune System, Heart, Organ Health, Cognition, Vision, Fertility, Nerve Based Functions and a Healthy Skin and Coat.

  • Helps promote a LUSTROUS COAT and maintain HEALTHY ORGANS.

  • FEEDING. Simply Serve Over Your Dog?s Food. Each Bottle is Equipped with an Air Tight, Medical Grade Pump for an Exact Measurement. See Product Images for Feeding Instructions.

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