Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 3-Pack with Cobalt Hybrid Slinky – 9-46 Gauge

  • Includes 3 individually wrapped sets of the Hybrid Slinkys and a single set of the Hybrid Colbalt Slinkys.

  • Ernie Ball Slinkys are played by legends around the world including Slash, Jimmy Page, Metallica, Eric Clapton, and more.

  • Hybrid Slinky brings together the lower strings of Regular Slinky and the higher strings of Super Slinky, providing players with slightly less tension on the high strings for radical guitar leads.

  • Electric Slinkys have a bright, balanced tone. Cobalt Slinkys are soft and silky to the touch, and provide stronger magnetic relationship between pickups

  • Made in California, U. S. A. Featuring the finest and freshest materials

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Product Description

Color:Hybrid (9-46)




Style:Cobalt Tone Bundle

Weight 2 kg