Ernie Ball Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings 3-Pack with Aluminum Bronze Light Strings- 11-52 Gauge

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  • 3 individual sets of the Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings, and a single set of the Aluminum Bronze Light Strings

  • Earthwood 80/20 strings provides well balanced projection with crisp pleasing highs. Aluminum Oxide strings feature Maraging Steel Hex cores, for greater low-end, and note separation.

  • Plain strings are made of specially Tempered Tin plated high carbon steel. Aluminum Oxide provides a significant corrosion barrier, without coating the string.

  • Element Shield Packaging Prolongs string life and keeps strings as fresh as the day they were made

  • Made in California, U. S. A. Featuring the finest and freshest materials

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Product Description

Color:Light (11-52)




Style:Aluminum Bronze Tone Bundle

Weight 2 kg