Bluapple Produce Freshness Saver Balls – Extend The Life of Fruits and Vegetables in The Refrigerator Or in A Fruit Bowl by Absorbing Ethylene Gas to Keep Produce Fresher Longer

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  • THE ORGANIC WAY TO KEEP PRODUCE FRESH LONGER ? Lasts 3 months! The Reusable Bluapple non-toxic Produce Freshness Balls absorb ethylene gas from all types of produce. From lettuce to onions to apples to bananas, Bluapple absorbs the ethylene gas which slows down ripening and extends the life of produce. Each Bluapple holds a packet that lasts 3 months! Place one Bluapple inside each crisper drawer, on a refrigerator shelf, or in a fruit bowl, with no need to refill them for 90 days.

  • SAVES TIME AND MONEY -Longer lasting produce means more time to enjoy your fruits and vegetables. When less produce is thrown out it means more money in your pocket and reduced trips to the grocery store!

  • EASY TO USE AND IS REFILLABLE – Place one white packet inside each Bluapple bottom (do not open the packet), place on the top and snap together. Next, toss into the crisper drawer, place on a refrigerator shelf, or set into a fruit bowl. Bluapple will last 3 months before needing the packet replaced.

  • FRESH PRODUCE TASTES BETTER -Bluapple helps keep produce at its freshest and gives you more time to enjoy it. Fresh produce tastes better and holds more nutrients.

  • REUSABLE PRODUCT THAT IS PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA -Reuse The Bluapple over and over by replacing old packets with new ones every 3 months. It?s good for the environment and good for the wallet. And, it?s made right here in the USA!

  • GIVE THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING -Bluapple is an easy and thoughtful gift for any occasion. It makes a wonderful housewarming gift, welcome to the neighborhood gift, or a birthday or holiday as well. Who doesn?t love saving money and eating fresh produce?!

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