Baby Einstein Baby’s First Music Teacher Developmental Toys Kit and Gift Set, Newborn and up

  • Extraordinary value and variety inside this boxed play set that helps expose your little one to music with an award-winning developmental Baby Einstein item, plus other best sellers

  • Includes 8 items: 4 baby musical toys; a board book; downloadable DIY activities; details for streaming Baby Einstein music on Spotify and edutainment videos on YouTube; and exclusive offers for Kinedu and Good Buy Gear

  • Features: Discover & Play Piano Baby Toy Piano; Take Along Tunes Musical Toy; Rattle & Jingle Trio Take-Along Toy Rattle Set; Ocean Glow Sensory Shaker Musical Toy; and Music Under the Sea Board Book

  • 40+ sounds and melodies provide a thorough introduction to classical music and instruments, while aiding in auditory development through sound recognition

  • Classical music is soothing for little ones and helps boost speech processing abilities, pattern perception skills, and creativity?and volume control buttons are music to mom and dad?s ears!

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Product Description

Style:Developmental Toy Kit

Your little one’s brain is prewired to learn music, just as it’s prewired to learn language. This Baby?s First Music Teacher? Developmental Toy Kit from Baby Einstein? will help you cultivate their natural curiosity while sparking a potentially lifelong love of music. As a gift box, it delivers a delightful unboxing experience with 8+ items inside. The Discover & Play Piano? features soft cloth keys that invite baby to unleash their inner composer while discovering instruments, numbers, and animals. With thousands of 5-star ratings, Take Along Tunes? empowers infants to switch between 10 classic melodies. They?ll love having the freedom to explore their musical preferences. Take the Rattle & Jingle Trio? everywhere from the stroller to the restaurant table to help your little one discover cause and effect. Gentle lights, sounds, and textures accompany reimagined classical melodies on the Ocean Glow Sensory Shaker? Baby Rattle. Cozy up for storytime with the Music Under the Sea? Board Book, and show your little one all the different instruments inside, including maracas and a flute. In short, this play kit of baby & toddler toys provides support for music-loving parents and caregivers who want to share their passion with their little ones. It makes an impressive gift set, appropriate for ages newborn and up. Everything?s gender neutral, so it works as a baby shower gift for a boy or girl?or even special occasions like baby?s first Christmas. Batteries are not included.

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